Ok, so this day…well we got  and a half feet of snow. My snowblower broke so I had to shovel the driveway by hand which took me several hours (hubs was at work). It took me almost three hours to get out of the house. My kids weren’t super helpful getting there which left me teetering on the edge of my sanity.

I met my friends at the local ski resort and we tag teamed with our littles so we could get some grown up runs in. My boys are independent on the slopes now so I got to spend time with my 5 year old daughter.

My daughter is a skier, I am a snowboarder. Logistically we face some challenges as far as getting off the lifts together. Every time I ride the lift I’m full of prayers that we can get off safely….

She was kind of rusty on skis as we didn’t have a great winter last year, so we’re all sorts of hot mess together on the slope. But can I tell you? She would fall down, and laugh her incredibly infectious laugh- hearty and full of life….and we would fumble together to get her up…and she would take a deep breath, with a big smile on her face and say.


We fall, we get up, we do it again. We both needed to have that attitude to get through the day. My hope is, that as this daughter of mine grows up- she keeps that attitude- and the same for me. As I move into new territory with parenting older kids, managing a business, getting older and growing in my marriage; I can only hope that we as a family maintain that attitude, whether it’s on the bunny slopes or the steeps….