Just a short piece on some things we’ve learned raising an outdoor family. When packing for a trip know that:

  • Basic needs should be packed first: Eating, Sleeping, Pooping. Warm Layers, then recreation. We used to organize our backpacking trips by making sure these things were covered first, everything else was peripheral. I can make a more exhaustive list on this in the future but this is a starting place.
  • When things don’t necessarily go your way….say…if your tent breaks in 60mph winds and all your gear is wet (see pictured), your first thoughts should be “back to basics”. In this situation, we had come off the Colorado River around 7pm, we were drenched from a rain storm and had very few warm layers to change into. First priority: build a fire and get warm, next: dinner, lastly: figure out sleeping arrangements. The kids are usually fine in these situations and actually think it’s cool while¬†the grown ups are the ones freaking out.

IMG_3402 IMG_3403

  • Lastly, always bring toilet paper and a ziplock bag even on the shortest of hikes. It doesn’t matter if you stopped at the potty prior to your hike, if you don’t bring it, someone will DEFINITELY need to go. And if you do bring it, someone will DEFINITELY¬†need to go. The ziplock bag ensures that you won’t be one of those people who contributes toilet paper to the wilderness. That means, pack it out!