Revamping how we party- can we? One of the things that intrigued me when we traveled to Normandy, France- was how they partied. We were graciously accepted into a family for several days and were able to witness their habits with regard to entertaining. I think one of the most notable things was the habit of serving higher quality foods in smaller amounts. We never really were “stuffed” when we were there. There was enough food to be satisfied but not so much that we were uncomfortable. What an interesting principle to take with us into the holidays.
What if we spent 15 extra minutes trying to find a healthier substitute to the same old recipes that we have served year after year?
What if we changed our mindset to quality over quantity regarding the dishes we prepare for our events?
Or can you keep it simple for yourself and bring vegetables?
I think the biggest question I have is: can we learn to celebrate and still support the best in each other?
All of our extra effort adds up- and all of our lack of effort adds up to something as well. I think it’s worth us asking ourselves what we’re working towards and then putting small things in place to make changes.
This is not something that I’ve “figured out” by any means. I am often barely keeping my head above water with my responsibilities. I can say however, that after making a lot of small changes over the past 5 years, we have seen tremendous results in our health and happiness. Cheers! to the season that is upon us and to examining what we have to be grateful for in these coming weeks!