I was a Therapeutic Recreation and Psychology major in College. I majored in Therapeutic Recreation because for me- I needed therapy and found it in the outdoors. Pretty straightforward right? I spent a lot of years not liking myself (to put it lightly) and the outdoors was the place that I learned to like myself again. Currently, with the craziness of raising a family- the outdoors is still where I feel free all the expectations that come with being a grown up. The outdoors has been the greatest facilitator of lessons that I’ve ever seen in my life. I spent several years working with youth in the wilderness and my heart loved most of all seeing people understand that they are capable of great things. However, often to get to those great things we have to overcome our thought life. I remember on one of the backpacking trips I was on, I was very slow and struggled to keep up with the kids. I was confronted at one point by my partner on the trip- and realized that I was making choices constantly to succumb to my emotions and moods and my body listened and supported my choices. With that being said- once I started believing and choosing to change my thoughts, my body was able to get with the program and I was capable of more than I ever thought I could be.

This is a piece of the heart that is behind this business. I not only want to encourage people to eat foods that heal, but to do things and think thoughts that are productive and healing as well.