If you are anything like me you might be overwhelmed by the amount of resolution “content” on the interwebs. Marketers know that society in general has been partying for 2 months straight and it’s time to work off those holiday pounds with
1. A celebrity cleanse of some sort
2. A monthly subscription or membership to a gym
3. Meal Planning
4. Any variety of the magic pill that we all wish actually existed, that heals us, makes us thin and beautiful without having to be disciplined with our food or exercise habits.

Resolutions really are great. The end of the year- with all of it’s cheeriness and the festivities can actually push us to wanting to be different than we are. Many of us are ready for the new start and the clean shelves that come after packing up holiday decorations, saying goodbye to the excess and hello to simplicity and basics once again.

I’m kind of a goal junky…but after many  years of setting goals and working on getting somewhere different than where I am…I’ve reached the conclusion that basic is better. I can end up consumed in all the things I want to change…and then nose dive into the overwhelm that comes with trying to change all the things….

For me personally, being in the outdoors is something I am already doing a few times a week but I like the idea of getting my miles in no matter what the weather is.

Here are a couple of cool things happening this year that I thought I would share. These seemed like great positive goals for moving into the new year. 

52 hike challenge: This is a free challenge to get people outside and hiking once a week. There are a lot of great resources and other trail people that you can connect with on their website.

365 Mile Challenge: This costs $10 for the year and the challenge is to rack up 365 miles for the year. That’s a mile a day- and if you have to catch up at this point it seems like it could be reasonable.The $10 gets you into a facebook support group among opportunities to win contests and a sticker. 

Happy to say that I’ve already got a couple of hikes in this week and am playing a little bit of catch up on the 365 mile challenge but I’m confident that I’ll be able to keep up. One of the things that I love about these challenges is that they are encouraging community. Research shows that in regards to health: community and connections are a powerful preventative measure. I guess that’s a whole post on it’s own-  more to follow on that one! Cheers to 2017

Snowshoeing in the San Bernardino Mountains

Snowshoeing in the San Bernardino Mountains