Stand Up Paddleboarding has been a welcome addition to our family’s water excursions. Our kids have grown up near a lake and our first experience with being on the lake was with a throw away double kayak that we found that had a hole in it. Our friends helped patched it and for years we played on that and loved it until it sank with my parents on it while in the lake, sorry mom….The plastic had gotten too brittle to be repaired.

That was about 4 years ago. Enter Stand Up Paddleboarding.

We wanted to test them out first to see if we would be into it, so we contacted Wake and Wheel in Blue Jay, California and they delivered a couple of boards right to the beach where we were renting a house. We had so much fun, even the kids tried it out. My parents were a little scarred from having just sunk a kayak in the lake ended up enjoying it and we ended up purchasing one of our own.

What can I say? I love being active and when being active is fun?

Well…it makes me want to be more active more often….

I realize this is a simple fact but having fun while moving is just something you want to keep doing right?

In regards to health, I look for what is sustainable. We’re often sold on expensive supplements and workout routines that seem pretty abusive to our bodies and financially not really reasonable. Which is why I am an advocate for simple whole foods with an emphasis on how we live our lives and playing is a big part of that! Our family loves the outdoors partly because once you have the gear, you just get to play.

This year Jobe is doing a #jobesup2thepeople road trip, which will be a great opportunity to demo boards and try out paddleboarding. The list of tour stops is found here. I’m stoked that they are even going to be making a local stop up here in the San Bernardino Mountains.

I had to include some pics of the kids having fun on SUPs from a few years ago. Time goes by fast….

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Looking at these pics and remembering that my kids were 5, 3, and 1 at the time. I remember parenting at that point was pretty grueling. It felt like so much work to feed everyone, keep them alive, get them to sleep….we’ll just not even mention grooming. But these pics are of some of our precious moments outdoors away from laundry and dishes, and even though we were admittedly a hot mess and this is probably between tantrums…I’m grateful now that we made the effort to get outside and be together. Thinking about my young mom friends who are just “in it” with parenting….Playing is important for all of us, not just the kids!