imgres-1Wellness Week for Elementary Schools

I am always looking for creative, fun ways to influence the culture of snacking and packaged foods as rewards in the school (or anywhere for that matter). So I got inspired when reading this post from Real Mom Nutrition. Sometimes the idea of these weeks seems daunting and huge. But Sally did a fantastic job of breaking down some simple things we could do that weren’t super expensive or time consuming for our school and volunteers.

We’re launching on Monday but I wanted to share what our setup is and give you some ideas on how to pull it off if you’re interested.

We’re taking advantage of the fact that next week is also Screen free week, our wellness week is ending up a mixture of healthy foods and screen free activities for families.

There are basically 3 components:

  1. A tasting station where we will give kids the opportunity try new veggies each day at lunch
  2. Enhancing our recess time with extra activities. We have Tai Chi, Yoga, and Martial Arts available for kids to check out.
  3. There is a card that kids will have where they will earn points for keeping the screen off during the week and doing family activities instead- at the end of the week students will earn some sort of incentive for participating. We’re looking for healthy, active family activities – or a coupon to jumpzone- something along those lines! We haven’t firmed ours up yet- but that’s what we have so far.

Here’s a link to 101 screen free activities. 

I am working on figuring out how to make downloadable pdfs to share! I’ll update this when I figure it out how to share the letter home to parents and the card for kids to keep track of throughout the week.